We have a dedicated surgery suite that maintains a very sterile environment. Our hospital is equipped to perform a wide variety of surgeries, from elective procedures like spays and neuters to complex orthopedic repairs. Safety for our patients is an important issue for all of the doctors at Airport Pet Clinic, and we strive to provide the safest, most painless procedures possible for our patients.

Prior to surgery, most pets undergo pre-anesthetic blood tests to assess their internal organ function and their ability to metabolize anesthetics. During surgery, patients are constantly monitored by equipment that measures heart and respiratory rate, EKG tracings, blood oxygen concentration, CO2, blood pressure, and core body temperature. We have multiple units to accomplish the extra level of safety for your pet requires during surgery. Circulating warm air blankets are also used to minimize the temperature lowering effects of anesthesia. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood screening for all patients to check liver and kidney function and to screen for anemia, dehydration and diabetes. We also recommend intravenous fluids for all surgical and dental patients to help maintain blood pressure and circulation to internal organs.

After surgery, pets are under close observation by doctors and technicians for signs of pain or discomfort, which can then be treated immediately. We make a special effort to contact our clients when their pets are fully awake, so that we can update them on the surgery and their pet’s status. We know that you worry, and we want to do everything possible to ease your concern!