Pet Laser Therapy

The Airport Pet Clinic of Cameron Park, CA, is proud to offer our patients the benefits of the latest cutting-edge technology with pet laser therapy using our Companion CTX Laser. Doctors have been using laser technology on human patients for years, but pet laser therapy is a fairly new development in veterinary medicine. It’s most commonly used for pain management in pets that have suffered serious injuries or are recovering from surgical procedures. It has also proven to be very effective for alleviating pain in pets that suffer from arthritis, cellulitis, and many other painful conditions. For cats and exotic pets, it’s one of the few types of pain management available. Pet laser therapy is painless, non-invasive, and completely safe for your pet. It usually only takes a few minutes per treatment session, and your pet can go home with you after the procedure. You’ll often see noticeable improvement immediately. Our staff is fully trained and experienced in performing pet laser therapy.

How Pet Laser Therapy Works

The Companion CTX Laser uses a low-frequency laser light beam to deliver energy in measured doses to the specific areas of your pet’s body that require treatment. The concentrated light energy causes a reaction in the cells known as photobiomodulation.

This reaction leads to several beneficial results, including:

  • Cell growth and regeneration
  • Release of pain-relieving endorphins
  • Increased blood circulation and oxygenation of cells
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Muscle relaxation

All of these effects together lessen pain and inflammation and contribute to tissue repair and faster healing. Pet laser therapy also increases nerve function and reduces the formation of scar tissue. 

Pet Laser Therapy Cameron Park CA

Your Pet Laser Therapy Session

When your pet arrives for their pet laser therapy session, they’ll be comfortably positioned on a padded table and you can stay by their side during the procedure to help keep them calm. Everyone in the room, including your pet, will put on special goggles to protect your eyes. Sessions usually last just a few minutes.  Many conditions require only a single treatment, although some conditions might require multiple sessions. Your veterinarian will determine how many are needed. Afterward, you and your pet can go home and enjoy lessened pain and increased mobility.

The Airport Pet Clinic is ready to provide pet laser therapy in Cameron Park and all of your other veterinary needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please fill out our online form and we’ll contact you shortly.